Monday, April 30, 2012

Alex Ostrovsky
English 114B
April 29, 2012
How Are People Shaped By Their Environment
            I have decided to write my essay about how college students can be affected by living at the dorms versus living at home and commuting to school. I think that this decision of living at home or dorm living has a big impact on people later in their life. There are many reasons why people choose one option over the other, but both can affect the students in many different ways. I personally live in a dorm and can give first hand account as well as facts about living in a dorm and being away from home. Many things to take into account when comparing dorm life to living at home is how it changes you. When living at home students tend to stay with their high school friends and maintain their life in a normal way. To contrast this, living on campus can change students and expose them to new things that they may never have experienced before, such as many new found freedoms.
            I have found that many of my friends that I hung out with in high school that didn’t go away to college seemed to all stay in touch. While many of the friends of mine that went away to college around the country we all have lost touch with. When living at home you feel that there is a greater need for you to maintain the friendships with the people who stayed at home like you. When it comes to the students who went away from home to go to school they seemed to be more interested instead of keeping in touch with old friends they made new ones. I find that this isn’t done simply because they were away from friends and they felt that they needed to have people to hang out with. I think there’s something about living away from friends that makes you just want to get new ones.
            Out of personal experience me and my best friend since grad school managed to somehow get a room together, this seemed like it would make college the best times of my life but I was wrong. My best friend and I seemed to drift apart within the first two months. Soon we weren’t even hanging out anymore and now we don’t even talk. I think that this isn’t a bad thing at all. It’s just what college does do people, you find new people with common interests as you and also who have similar life goals.
            People living in the dorms and away from their parents have to learn for themselves what is right and wrong without their parents telling them what to do. Back when these students were public education they knew that thy had to show up to class and do all the work or else their parents got a call from the school telling them that their child didn’t do what they were supposed to do. When you get away from home and there’s nobody telling you its time to go to school there is a tendency to want to skip class or just blow off an assignment. It’s in college that people learn what kind of person they are, will they get up and go to class or will they blow it off for more sleep.
            I personally know that I have had battles with going to classes that I don’t necessarily like and doing assignments that I know aren’t really that important. I also know that I have decided to “screw it” and not go to class just so I can sleep in, and that I also have just turned my head the other way when it comes to doing a reading assignment for a class in order to have another forty five minutes of TV. Its things like this that make you wonder what does living away from home and away from your parents affect your school work and the amount of effort you put into it. It makes you wonder if you were in high school would your parents be getting mad at how much stuff your doing that’s not school work.
            Living at the dorms can shape people into who they really are. It shows people how important old friendships can be and how much they care about their education. For me I care a great deal about my friendships and am quickly realizing that living away from home wasn’t the best idea for me at all. It taught me that I am not motivated enough to keep myself doing my homework and not motivated enough to wake up for classes. Looking back after writing this I realize I just vented and didn’t really write the paper I was supposed to write, but that’s okay because this paper is about how my personal experience with space has shaped me and is continuing to shape what happens to me for the rest of my life.

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Essay Proposal

For my essay i have decided to write about the effect that a persons environment has on what kind of a person they grow up into. if a person growing up in a poor area  prone to crime and other things considered to be wrong with an area where the poorer people come from will grow up to live in the same situation or grow up into a life of crime. i plan to relate this to what i find out about person from a higher income areas in the United States. i plan to look at research regarding crime rates and where the people who commit the crimes come from. i will also look up where these poorer areas are located and how populated they are.