Tuesday, March 6, 2012

5) Study the spatial design of a store in your area. How does the design promote consumption?

There Music store near my house is called Instrumental Music and its a normal sized music store with all the normal instruments and accessories in it. Thinking about how it looks makes me wonder why they would have set it up the way that they did. The store is a long rectangle with doors allowing you to enter are located directly in the middle of that rectangle. On one side of the store there are guitars and on the exact opposite side there are the bass guitars, with various acoustics and obscure instruments peppered in between these to sides. these instruments are hung on the walls and have many rows of shelves that you have to make your way through before you can make it back to these areas. The reason I think they came up with this is so you have to pass up these "less desirable" merchandise on your way to the good stuff so maybe on your way you'll stop and buy one of them. I think this is the basic set up of many stores but it hadn't really hit me until i was trying to get back to the bass guitar section of the store and i found myself looking at some extremely unnecessary guitar extras. Then noticed that there little plan was working. The way a store is set up inst just done for looks its more of a science to get you to buy more and to notice things that you wouldn't have normally seen.

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