Sunday, March 25, 2012

Blog #7 Project Space: Local Grocery Store

I went into my local grocery store for project space and walked around to see what i could find out about it. It was an Albertsons located in the middle of my home town. As you walk in to your right there was all the check out stands and on your right was the pharmacy. I also took note that all the vegetables and fresh food were on the left while all the frozen and canned goods were located on the right. In the middle of the store was the rest of the stuff, your house cleaners, toy aisle, and other weird assorted goods that every market seems to have all lumped in one area. I think that the store is set up like this because if they mixed fresh foods and canned it would just make it confusing for the customers. I chose to do my project space on my local grocery store because its such a simple space that people use all the time and don't take the time to notice how its set up. People have become used to the basic set up for all grocery stores and i think most are set up the way mine is.

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