Monday, February 20, 2012

the essay topic that i have chosen to write about is the amount of violence in the movie Gamer and how it socially accepted in the movie. i am going to relate this to our class theme of identity by showing how the violence in the movie is used to keep peoples minds thinking the same way and distracted. this relates to identity by showing how society in the film Gamer are all being show images of violence and thinking its okay in a way stripping people away from being an individual. i think that i persons identity is closely related to how much different everybody is from one another and how we all think in our own ways. so i think that the focus of my essay will show how Gamer society seems to strip people of their identity.


  1. I really like your idea. Maybe think about how violence shapes our identities. We love to consume violence, and Gamer is a type of outlet.

  2. Its a good idea and it also goes back to he idea that art imitates life.