Sunday, February 12, 2012

Response to "Gamer"

In the movie Gamer there is violence in almost every scene in the movie. I think why the director did this was to show how normal violence is becoming to everybody in the modern world. since the invention of the television it has made it possible for the broadcasting of violent images of war, murders, and racism able to be seen by anyone at anytime. Coming to more current times with the internet in our hands and with us at anytime we are able to see these images even more readily. That is why the movie Gamer is so violent and disturbing, yet everyone living in this world seems to see it as just normal. Things that happen in the movie Gamer would be seen on national television and even the front pages of the newspaper. (but people would just look it up on their phones anyway) There is murder happening on a massive scale in the game slayers and it has become like watching football or baseball with your family and friends. The point of the movie in my own opinion is to show how the availability of mass media and extremely violent video games is slowly making violence seem normal and even acceptable.

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  1. Definitely agree man, if people constantly watch disturbing vids of people murdering each other then they'll be emotionally unstable. This creates an unstable society where people thrive on corruption, and the result is just madness.