Sunday, February 5, 2012

As games are becoming more and more realistic and many more options for its users to change and manipulate their avatars. I feel there is a greater attachment to the games and the avatars that each user creates. Once a gamer gets into gaming and plays for hours a day i feel that they loose contact with their friends and become a bit anti social. I know this from personal experience, I know a friend who i rarely see anymore because all he does is play online games like world of warcraft and other games like that. before his introduction to video games i would hang out with him and all my other friends everyday. I don't think that video games make a person loose their sense of reality or blur their ability to distinguish the game from the real world. Many gamer's may loose track of time and not get enough sleep witch i feel may lead to some social disorders and cause them to appear to no longer be able to tell the difference between the game and real life. When a person is always playing a game and never really have time to socialize with people other than on their computers or other consoles. I feel that this is what leads them to always be thinking of their game play and their avatars witch as i said might make make them appear to have lost touch with reality. So i don't truly think that in the majority of gamers have those kinds of problems yet there is certainly a group of people who have indeed lost touch of reality and cannot function in the real world. yet i think that these people must have a condition that makes them unable to see this clear difference between the gaming world and the real world. I think think that not being able to tell the difference between the gaming world and the real world would be like someone not being able to tell the difference between when they are dreaming and when they are awake.

Alex Ostrovsky


  1. At times I have also lost connection with some of my friends because they just can not take their hands off of the controller. I believe that a lack of activities in ones life forces them to play video games because there is nothing else to do.

  2. its a sad fact that people can become so addicted to video games that they can just forget about things that they used to like to do.